Are Mormon Missions As Good As The Musical?

My brother just got home from serving his Mormon mission this last week. He is 20 years younger than me. He was born the first month I was in my 2-year Mormon mission in Italy. The magical sorting hat gave him Tokyo as his 2-year assignment. But just a month into his language training in Provo, UT, our God threw a curveball, and Covid locked down the world. He ended up in Lansing, Michigan for 2 years. I hope it will be a positive memory in his brain as my mission to Italy was 20 years ago. Missionaries are supposed to accept whatever assignment they get and smile through it because it’s exactly where God wants them to be. My brother, Jeff, went to Venezuela and my brother, David, went to Argentina. The Japanese people that were supposed to learn about the religion from Utah missionaries are going to have to wait a few years. My brother may be there soon with his Book of Mormon to give them the full truth soon enough.

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