Giddy Up, or Get Bucked Off!

Has fear, uncertainty, or doubt ever caused you to miss doing something you wish you had done? It could have been that chance to snorkel with sharks, ask for that pay raise, or eat that sea urchin dish in Japan. I resisted learning about Crypto for 3 years after first hearing about it in 2012. I said to my brother and others that it was too complicated and I will wait until someone makes it easy for me to buy. Finally, in 2015 Coinbase made it real simple for me to purchase and I bought a whole lot of bitcoin at $230 dollars. I regretted not getting into it when it was under $100 dollars, but it was too difficult back before Coinbase in my opinion. I also didn’t know enough about it from an expert. But in 2015, I got a chance to sit for hours with an expert and that was what I needed to make the purchase finally.

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